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Strawberries > Fruit > Holes in fruit

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  • Image: Slugs 1
  • Image: Slugs 2


  • Feeding results in a small, deep hole in both green and ripe fruit
  • Slugs look like snails without a shell, and are approximately 1/4 to 2 inches long
  • Slugs are present in damp weather, and pose a problem in late May-June
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  • Image: Birds 1
  • Image: Birds 2


  • Bird feeding causes wedge shaped punctures or “dents” in berries
  • Pieces of fruit may be scattered around damaged berry
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  • Image: Sap Beetles 1
  • Image: Sap Beetles 2

Sap Beetles
Glischrochilus spp., Carpophilus spp.

  • Feeding results in small (<1/4 inch) holes in ripe fruit
  • Picnic and sap beetles are approximately 1/4 inch long, mostly black insects that are flattened and broadly oval with four yellowish-orange spots on their backs
  • Beetles appear at harvest and are attracted to overripe fruit
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