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Strawberries > Leaves >White coating/substance on leaves

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  • Image: Spittlebug 1
  • Image: Spittlebug 2
  • Image: Spittlebug 2

Philaenus spumarius

  • Spittle mass is a clear, frothy, bubbly foam mass, that is about 1/3 - 3/4 inches in diameter
  • Numerous spittle masses can be on a single plant
  • Present in late spring, early summer; more prevalent in weedy areas
  • Nymphs are yellow-green in color, and develop in a frothy spittle mass on strawberry leaves
  • More information on Spittlebug
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  • Image: Powdery Mildew 1
  • Image: Powdery Mildew 2

Powdery Mildew
Podosphaera aphanis

  • Infected leaflets curl up, exposing undersides that often are reddened and coated with a grayish white powdery mildew fungus
  • Leaves will eventually turn purple or red
  • Common in mid to late summer
  • More information on Powdery Mildew
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  • Image: Slime Mold 1
  • Image: Slime Mold 2

Slime Mold
Many different myxomycetes

  • Crusty white to tan blob on leaves or garden mulch
  • Raised gray or black bead like structures along the plant surface
  • Lives only on the surface of plants (does not grow inside plant tissue)
  • More prevalent during warm, wet weather
  • More information on slime mold

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