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Strawberries > Leaves > Spots on leaves

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  • Image: Leaf Blight 1
  • Image: Leaf Blight 2
  • Image: Leaf Blight 3

Leaf Blight
Phomopsis obscurans

  • First see purplish red round leaf spots with a gray brown center
  • Spots grow into a large V shaped lesion with a dry brown triangle in the center and a reddish purple V shaped border
  • Elongated, sunken, purplish brown or reddish brown spots or streaks may be seen on stems
  • Berries can develop soft pink-brown spots
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  • Image: Leaf Scorch 1
  • Image: Leaf Scorch 2
  • Image: Leaf Scorch 3

Leaf Scorch
Diplocarpon earlianum

  • Small solid purple spots on leaves, No light colored center
  • Leaf tissue around spots turn reddish or purple
  • Edges of leaves eventually turn brown and dry out; appearing burnt or "scorched"
  • Elongated, sunken, purplish brown or reddish brown spots or streaks may be seen on stems
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  • Image: Common Leaf Spot 1
  • Image: Common Leaf Spot 2
  • Image: Common Leaf Spot 3

Leaf Spot
Mycosphaerella fragariae

  • Small and round leaf spots (1/10 – 1/3 of inch)
  • Leaf spots have dark purple to reddish edges, with a light tan to white center
  • Rarely small black spots (1/4 inch) form on ripe berries around a group of seeds
  • More prevalent in high temperature and long period of leaf wetness
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  • Image: Angular Leaf Spot 1
  • Image: Angular Leaf Spot 2
  • Image: Yellow Nutsedge 2

Angular Leaf Spot
Xanthomonas fragariae

  • Tiny water-soaked spots first appear on the lower leaf surface, these appear translucent when held up to the light
  • Spots are angular or squared off, restricted by small leaf veins
  • Sticky clear drops form on the underside of the leaf when wet, dry to a thin whitish crust
  • In severe cases, spots grow together into a large reddish purple area and eventually turn brown
  • More information on Angular Leaf Spot

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