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Swiss Chard > Leaves > Spots or blotches on leaves

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Cercospora Leaf Spot
Cercospora beticola

  • Leaves develop circular (1/8 – 3/16 inch) brown to gray spots with distinct reddish-purple borders
  • Lower leaves are infected first and often most severely affected
  • In humid weather, produce silver or steel-gray spores which gives the leaf spot a fuzzy appearance
  • Centers of spots may have black dots
  • Plants may be stunted
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Flea Beetles
Disonycha xanthomelas, Systena blanda, and Phyllotreta spp.

  • Adult feeding on leaves creates shallow pits and small, irregular holes giving it a "shot hole" appearance
  • Heavy feeding may cause wilting
  • Adults are small (1/16 to 1/8 inch long), and vary in color from black, bronze, bluish, or brown to metallic gray, while some species have stripes
  • Present throughout the growing season
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Spinach Leafminer
Pegomya hyoscyami

  • Larvae tunnel into leaves creating mines that begin long and narrow and eventually becoming an irregularly shaped blotch area
  • Mines are opaque at first and then later turn brown.
  • Larvae are a carrot-shaped, whitish maggot
  • Present throughout the growing season
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