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manure spreader equipment in a field

Our Manure Management and Environmental Quality research and outreach programs focus on developing and executing innovative, practical, economically feasible, and environmentally sound manure management strategies for livestock and crop producers in Minnesota.

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Manure Management Basics

Watch narrated video presentations to learn the basics of  manure handling systems, crop benefits  and beef, dairy, poultry, swine manure.

Feedlots and Manure Storage

Learn about open lot runoff and manure pit storage.

Manure Pathogens

Current research about storing or composting manure before it is used as a fertilizer to reduce pathogens.

Manure Treatment

Ways to treat manure effectively using aerobic, anaerobic digestion and composting.

Milk House Wastewater

Research, treatment and system designs to manage milk house waste.

Air Quality

Create an odor management plan, identify high odor sources and control technologies.

Manure Application

What is manure worth? Calculate nutrient values and learn how to calibrate manure spreaders and application rates.

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