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Bombus pensylvanicus (American bumble bee)



No information at this time.


Bombus pensylvanicus can be confused with Bombus auricomus due to their similar color patterns and large size. Confident identification may require a microscope to examine the basitarsal spine and relative placement of ocelli.

Nest Structure

Bombus pensylvanicus usually nests on the surface of the ground, in tall grass. They are often found near open farmland and fields.

Activity Period

No information at this time.

Commonly Used Flower

Astragalus, Cirsium, Cornus, Dalea, Echinacea, Helianthus, Liatris, Silphium, Solanum, Trifolim, Vicia

Conservation Status

IUCN vulnerable species


Williams, P., Thorp, R., Richardson, L., & Colla, S. (2014). Bumble bees of North America : An identification guide. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Minnesota Record Map

These data are from the Minnesota Bee Atlas project.