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Bumble bee survey

PLEASE NOTE: Bumble bee surveys are now being managed by the Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas. Survey volunteers adopt grids at, The routes used for the Minnesota Bee Atlas may be useful for those who want to conduct Roadside Surveys for the Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas.

Bumble bees need your help.

Minnesota is lucky to be a hotbed of bumble bee species diversity. We are home to 22 of North America’s 49 species of bumble bees, including several species that have disappeared from other parts of their range and are in need of conservation. By participating in the MN Bee Atlas Bumble Bee Survey you will help us document the range of our MN bumble bees.

Please run your survey routes three times each season: late June, mid-July, and mid-August.

If you have questions about what you see during your surveys, you may contact or post a comment on our Facebook page. Please keep in mind that it will be easiest for us to answer your question if you are able to include a photo.

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