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Isopoda (Wood lice, pill bug, sow bug, roly-poly)



Isopods are crustaceans. Isopods in Bee Atlas blocks were from the suborder Oniscidae - land-dwelling crustaceans. We have not identified them to family, genus, or species.


Wood lice are small to medium sized brown crustaceans that are commonly found under dead leaves, logs, or stones. They are important detritivores, feeding on dead organic material and returning nutrients to the soil where they can be used by plants. Some species roll into a tight ball when threatened which is why they are often called "pill bug" and "roly-poly".

Nest Structure

No information at this time.

Hole Sizes

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No information at this time.

Activity Period

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No information at this time.

Minnesota Record Map

These data are from the Minnesota Bee Atlas project.

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