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Gasteruption sp. (Parasitic wasps)



Wasps in the genus Gasteruption are nest parasites of Hylaeus spp. bees. They were rare in Bee Atlas blocks, with one nest in Morrison County in central Minnesota. We did not identify Gasteruption to species.


Gasteruption are unique looking wasps. They are small, black wasps with a long abdomen that is narrow at the base and widens to a broad end with a visible ovipositor. The abdomen is inserted high above the base of the hind legs.

Nest Structure

The one nest in Bee Atlas blocks that Gasteruption emerged from was a Hylaeus verticalis nest.

Hole Sizes

No information at this time.


No information at this time.

Activity Period

No information at this time.


No information at this time.

Minnesota Record Map

These data are from the Minnesota Bee Atlas project.

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