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Species guide - species detail

Calliphoridae (Blow flies)



Calliphoridae is a family of flies that are commonly called "blow flies" or "carrion flies". We did not identify our specimens to genus or species.


Blow flies are typically shiny blue, green or black in color. They are frequently seen on dung or carrion, where they lay their eggs, and the adults also visit flowers for nectar.

Nest Structure

Blow flies are frequently also called "carrion flies" because they lay their eggs in carrion or dung. Adult flies may be using tunnels in the bee blocks for a sheltered overwintering site.

Hole Sizes

No information at this time.


No information at this time.

Activity Period

No information at this time.


Triplehorn, C.A and N.F. Johnson. 2005. Borror and DeLong's introduction to the study of insects, 7th ed. Thomson, Brooks/Cole, Australia.

Minnesota Record Map

These data are from the Minnesota Bee Atlas project.

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