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Tachinidae (Tachinid flies)


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Tachinidae is a large and diverse family of flies.


The tachinids we typically see in Bee Atlas blocks look similar to house flies. They are non-metallic, with black and gray stripes on their thorax.

Nest Structure

Tachinid flies do not make their own nest. Most species lay their eggs on an adult or larva of another insect. The tachinid larva burrows into the host and completes its development inside the host's body, eventually killing it. Some tachinid species are important in controlling the populations of certain insect pests. In Bee Atlas blocks, tachinid flies were not associated with bee or wasp nests, and may have used the tunnels as a sheltered overwintering place.

Hole Sizes

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Activity Period

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Minnesota Record Map

These data are from the Minnesota Bee Atlas project.

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