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Bombus perplexus (confusing bumble bee)



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Unlike most other Minnesota bumble bees, Bombus perplexus does not have obvious black hairs between the wing bases. The sides of the thorax are often black. Although variable, the first two to three abdominal segments are typically yellow with the remaining abdominal segments black. The malar space is slightly longer than it is wide.

Nest Structure

Nests are found underground.

Activity Period

Bombus perplexus colonies usually end their active period in early summer.

Commonly Used Flower

Angelica, Hydrangea, Malus, Rhododendron, Rubus, Vaccinium, Campanula, Cirsium, Hypericum, Lonicera, Melilotus, Penstemon, Tilia

Conservation Status

IUCN species of least concern


Williams, P., Thorp, R., Richardson, L., & Colla, S. (2014). Bumble bees of North America : An identification guide. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Minnesota Record Map

These data are from the Minnesota Bee Atlas project.