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Green peach aphid

Myzus persicae

Green peach aphid

Whitney Cranshaw, CSU,

Size: Up to 1/8 inch long.

Description: Pear-shaped, light green to yellow in color. They have long antennae and two cornicles ("tail pipes") on the rear of their abdomen (Identification of aphid species can be challenging; different species can be similarly colored).

Where/When:Feeds on a wide variety of plants, including cabbage and related plants, dandelion, endive, mustard greens, parsley, turnip, tomato, potato, spinach, pepper, beet, celery, strawberry, lettuce, and chard. Aphids are active from April through October.

Significance: Honeydew secreted by the aphids may lead to development of fungus on the plant reducing light intake. Plant may become weakened and susceptible to diseases. Green peach aphid is a known vector of several plant viruses, such as potato virus Y, potato leaf roll, beet mosaic, beet yellows, and lettuce mosaic.

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