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Indianmeal moth

Plodia interpunctella

indianmeal moth

Phil Pellitteri, University of Wisconsin

Indianmeal moth

Jeff Hahn, University of Minnesota Extension

Description: 1/4 inch long; wingspan 1/2 - 5/8 inch. Wings folder over their bodies; base of front wings is pale gray or tan and the outer two-thirds is reddish-brown with coppery color; wing markings may not be clear if the scales have been rubbed off.

Where/When: Indianmeal moths are found indoors, especially in kitchens and other rooms where dried food products, such as cereal, pasta, dry pet food, bird seed, grain-based products, dried fruits, chocolate, nuts, and spices are found. Adults are attracted to lights and may be seen flying around the home in rooms where an infestation does not necessarily occur. These moths can be present all year.

Significance: Adults don't harm people or property. However larvae consume and contaminate dried food products.

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