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Webbing clothes moth

Tineola bisselliella

webbing clothes moth

Jeff Hahn, University of Minnesota Extension

Webbing clothes moth

Clemson University

Description: 3/16 - 1/4 inch long. Wings are uniformly tannish, lacking any markings; tuft of reddish hairs on top of its head; larvae spins a silken feeding tube or hard protective case in the fabrics on which they feed.

Where/When: Adults may be seen flying around the home, an indication of a larval infestation of wool, fur, feathers, or similar animal-based products. They can be active throughout the year.

Significance: Adults are harmless, but their presence is an indication of a larval infestation. The larvae infest woolen goods, fur, feathers, and other animal fibers indoors, such as carpets, furniture, and other home furnishings.

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