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Hosta > Malformed or distorted leaves

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  • Image: Cold damage 1
  • Image: Cold damage 2
  • Image: Cold damage 3

Cold damage

  • Leaves may be puckered and cupped but do not have unusual color patterns
  • Leaf margins may be dark green, soft, water soaked, and wilted
  • New growth after cold period is healthy and normal looking
  • Common in early spring
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  • Image: Herbicide Damage 1
  • Image: Herbicide Damage 2
  • Image: Herbicide Damage 3

Herbicide Damage
Phenoxy herbicides ex. 2,4D

  • Leaves are twisted, cupped, or distorted
  • Veins in leaves are thick and close together
  • Side of the plant closest to the herbicide application is most severely affected
  • In severe cases the entire plant may be affected
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  • Image: Virus 1
  • Image: Virus 2
  • Image: Virus 3

Hosta Virus X, Tobacco Rattle virus, and others

  • Unusual dark and light green streaks, blotches and spots on leaves
  • Dark and light green leaf color may seem to bleed together like ink on wet paper
  • Leaves may be malformed and twisted
  • Dead brown tissue may occur in streaks or spots on leaves
  • Some cultivars may not show symptoms
  • Lab test required to distinguish between viruses and to verify infection
  • More information on Virus

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