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Pansy > Leaves > Holes in leaves or leaves chewed off

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  • Slug 1
  • Slug 2
  • Slug 3


  • Occurs spring and summer
  • Chews ragged, irregular shaped holes in leaves that cross the veins
  • Silvery shiny winding trails may be seen on leaves
  • Soft-bodied, brownish, up to two or more inches long; snails without shells
  • Feeds primarily at night
  • More information on slugs
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  • Cutworm 1
  • Cutworm 2
  • Cutworm 3


  • Active throughout summer
  • Stems of seedlings are severed at or near the soil line
  • Caterpillars are 1 to 2 inches long and vary in color: brown or tan to pink, green or gray and black; color can be uniform, spotted, or striped
  • Curls into a tight “C” when disturbed
  • Most feed at night and hide in the soil during the day
  • More information on cutworms
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  • Variegated fritillary caterpillar 1
  • Variegated fritillary caterpillars 2
  • Variegated fritillary 3

Variegated Fritillary
Euptoieta claudia

  • Active from June through September
  • Caterpillars chew holes in leaves or consume entire leaf
  • Caterpillars are brightly colored reddish orange with black-spotted white stripes and black spines
  • More information on Variegated Fritillary

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