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Roses > Flowers >Brown or black bud

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  • Image: Gray Mold 1
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Gray Mold
Botrytis cinerea

  • Small red rings or flecks on white or light colored petals
  • Brown irregular spots on petals
  • Completely brown, curled over, dead flower buds
  • Brown sunken area on stem
  • Gray fuzzy spores produced in cool wet weather
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  • Image: Rose Midge 1
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  • Image: Rose Midge 3

Rose Midge

  • Damage first appears in July and continues throughout summer
  • Flower buds may be injured or killed
  • Shoots may also be injured
  • Injured areas turn brown and eventually black
  • Larvae are very tiny (1/16th inch long) and whitish; difficult to detect

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