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Roses > Leaves > Leaves fall off

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  • Image: Black Spot 1
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Black Spot
Diplocarpon roseae

  • Purplish black spots with uneven or feathery edges on leaves
  • Leaves turn yellow around spots
  • Leaves fall off
  • Sometimes reddish purple or black blisters on canes
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  • Image: Downy Mildew 1
  • Image: Downy Mildew 2

Downy Mildew
Peronospera sparsa

  • Purplish red spots or blotches on leaves, spots often will not grow past major leaf veins
  • Reddish black spots on canes, petioles and other plant parts
  • Grey fuzz on underside of leaf when high humidity
  • Leaves turn yellow and fall off plant
  • Common in cool wet weather
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  • Image: Rose Streak 1
  • Image: Rose Streak 2

Rose Streak
Rose Streak Virus

  • Symptoms are most common on roses with large clusters of small flowers
  • Symptoms may vary in other cultivars
  • Leaves turn yellow and may have random dead brown spots
  • Leaves fall off in the spring or early summer
  • Very susceptible cultivars have brown to black streaks on the canes

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