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Roses > Stem > Wound on stems

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  • Image: Canker 1
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Several different fungi

  • Dead branch within otherwise healthy plant
  • Light colored blotches or patches, often with a reddish purple border, along dead stem
  • Some patches may have flaky, loose or cracked epidermis (surface layer)
  • Tiny black bumps may be seen on dead area of stem
  • More information on canker
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  • Image: Rodent Damage 1
  • Image: Rodent Damage 2
  • Image: Rodent Damage 3

Rodent Damage
Rabbits, mice, voles, and other rodents

  • Leaves fail to leaf out or leaf out very poorly in the spring
  • Bark is removed around the base of the cane and there are signs of chewing or gnawing
  • If chewing occurred in the roots, plant may be wobbly and loosely anchored in the ground
  • More info on controlling wildlife

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