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Ash > Trunk > Unusual stems/sprouts on main trunk

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  • Image: Environmental stress, tree top - no leaves
  • Image: Environmental stress, brown leaves
  • Image: Environmental stress, missing leaves

Environmental stress
Drought, compact soils, flood damage, winter injury, other

  • Dead branches in the canopy
  • Leaves wilt and turn brown at the tips and the margins first, then completely brown
  • Many weak young shoots/sprouts at the base of the tree
  • Leaves appear drooped or wilted within canopy
  • More information on caring for trees and shrubs
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  • Image: Ash yellows, missing leaves in crown
  • Image: Ash yellows, yellow leaves
  • Image: Ash yellows, leaves up close

Ash yellows phytoplasma

  • Infected plants grow very slowly, and have a sparse thin canopy of leaves
  • Leaves are small, yellow, often folded or cupped and grow in clumps along the branch
  • Branches die throughout the canopy
  • Many weak young sprouts with small yellow leaves arise from the base of the tree
  • More information on ash yellows
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  • img:Emerald Ash Borer damage
  • img:Emerald Ash Borer damage
  • img:Emerald Ash Borer damage

Emerald ash borers

  • Chewing damage caused by adults occurs late May to early August
  • Chews along the edges of leaves; defoliation is typically minor
  • Slender bodied, 1/3 - 1/2 inch long; iridescent green with coppery colored head
  • More information on Emerald ash borers

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