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Cotoneaster > Leaves > Spots or growths on fruit

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Quince Rust
Gymnosporangium clavipes

  • Fruit becomes covered with orange tube-like spore producing structures
  • Powdery orange colored spores are released in midsummer to fall
  • Spindle-shaped swellings occur on petioles and green twigs
  • Cankers may form on stems and cause dieback
  • Occasionally yellow to orange leaf spots form
  • More information on Quince Rust
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Powdery Mildew
Podosphaera clandestina

  • Patches of white, powdery or felt-like fungal patches on leaf surfaces
  • Leaves and shoots may be puckered or distorted
  • New leaves and shoots may be smaller than normal
  • Powdery white fungal growth may be present on ripened berries
  • Symptoms may develop over a single season, or over several years
  • More information on powdery mildew

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