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Dogwood > Leaves > Leaves chewed or with holes

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Dogwood sawfly
Macremphytus tarsatus

  • Skeletonized leaves,i.e. leaf tissue consumed between veins, in early summer
  • Leaves are eaten down to only midveins during late summer
  • Attacks most dogwood, particularly gray dogwood
  • Larvae change color pattern several times during their development
  • After second molt, larvae are covered with white powdery substance and the fully grown larvae are yellow with black spots and head
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Four-lined plant bug
Poecilocapsus lineatus

  • Small, round depressed spots which may be brown, black or translucent on leaves
  • Dead plant tissue may fall out causing a "shot hole" effect
  • Newly hatched nymphs are red with black wing pads and become yellowish green with a black stripe on each wing pad as they develop
  • Adults are ½ inch long, yellowish to yellow green in color with four longitudinal black stripes on the wing covers
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