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Dogwood > Leaves > Spots or blotches on leaves

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Powdery mildew
Erysiphae pulchra and Phyllactina guttata

  • White spots or blotches on leaves
  • In severe cases leaves may be completely coated with white powdery fungal growth
  • Leaves may be stunted, reddened, scorched and cured or puckered by midseason
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  • Image: Apple Maggot 1
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Four-lined plant bug
Poecilocapsus lineatus

  • Small, round depressed spots which may be brown, black or translucent on leaves
  • Dead plant tissue may fall out causing a "shot hole" effect
  • Newly hatched nymphs are red with black wing pads and become yellowish green with a black stripe on each wing pad as they develop
  • Adults are ½ inch long, yellowish to yellow green in color with four longitudinal black stripes on the wing covers
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Septoria leaf spot
Septoria cornicola and Septoria cornina

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