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Hickory > Trunk/Branches > Unusual woody growth on trunk or branches

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  • Phomopsis gall 1
  • Phomopsis gall 2
  • Phomopsis gall 3

Phomopsis gall
Phomopsis spp.

  • Round woody growths, occur individually or in clusters on twigs or branches
  • Galls range from pea-sized to 10 inches across
  • Twigs and small branches may be girdled and killed by galls
  • Trees with many galls may have reduced vigor
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  • Perennial nectria canker 1
  • Perennial nectria canker 2
  • Perennial nectria canker 3

Perennial nectria canker
Neonectria ditissima

  • Early canker symptoms are small and difficult to see, usually a darkened, depressed area forms on smooth, young bark
  • Sunken round to oval cankers with target shaped ridges of barkless wood on large branches or main trunk
  • Small dark sunken areas on twigs that can girdle or kill the branch
  • Red to reddish orange raised cushion like bumps can occasionally be seen on the edge of the canker
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