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Extension > Garden > Diagnose a problem > What's wrong with my plant? > Deciduous Trees > Hickory > Distorted or deformed leaves or petioles

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Hickory > Leaves > Distorted or deformed leaves or petioles

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  • Hickory petiole gall 1
  • Hickory petiole gall 2
  • Hickory petiole gall 3

Hickory petiole gall
Phylloxera caryaecaulis

  • Round galls, up to 1" across, found on leaf petioles and occasionally on leaflet midribs
  • Galls begin to appear in early May and are fully-formed by mid-May
  • Numerous galls may deform leaves
  • Leaves fall prematurely late in summer and canopies appear thin
  • More information on Hickory petiole gall

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