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Hickory > Leaves > Spots or blotches on leaves

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  • Downy leaf spot 1
  • Downy leaf spot 2
  • Downy leaf spot 3

Downy leaf spot
Microstroma juglandis

  • Leaf spots start as small round spots, but often grow together into large angular patches
  • Spots are pale yellow on upper leaf surface and powdery white below
  • As season progresses, spots can turn dry and brown
  • Occurs on hickory, black walnut and butternut
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  • Gnomonia leaf spot 1
  • Gnomonia leaf spot 2
  • Gnomonia leaf spot 3

Gnomonia leaf spot
Gnomonia caryae

  • Brown, circular spots with yellow edges on leaflets
  • Spots ⅛ to ¾ inch in diameter
  • In severe cases, spots merge causing leaflets to brown, curl and drop prematurely
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