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Honeylocust > Leaves > Yellow dots or pinpricks on leaflets

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  • Image: Honeylocust plant bug 1
  • Image: Honeylocust plant bug 2
  • Image: Honeylocust plant bug 3

Honeylocust plant bug
Diaphnocoris chlorionis

  • Feeding causes distorted, undersized or stunted leaflets
  • Also causes stippled or mottled marks on leaves
  • Defoliation can occur when insect populations are high
  • Damage first noticeable in May and June
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  • Image: Honeylocust leafhopper 1
  • Image: Honeylocust leafhopper 2
  • Image: Honeylocust leafhopper 3

Honeylocust leafhopper
Macropsis fumipennis

  • Speckled or pinprick discolorations on the leaves
  • Sticky honeydew occasionally produced
  • Insects bright green, approximately 3/16 inch; can be confused with honeylocust plant bug
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  • Image: Honeylocust spider mites 1
  • Image: Honeylocust spider mites 2
  • Image: Honeylocust spider mites 3

Honeylocust spider mites
Platytetranychus multidigituli

  • Light infestations cause a speckled whitish or yellowish discoloration on upper leaf surface
  • Heavier infestations can cause foliage to brown
  • Adults yellow to yellowish green, which are microscopic
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