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Ironwood (Ostrya) > Leaves > Holes in leaves or parts of leaves missing

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  • Image: Eastern Tent Caterpillar 1
  • Image: Eastern Tent Caterpillar 2

Orangehumped mapleworm
Symmerista leucitys

  • Larvae feed gregariously (in nonsocial groups) when young, consuming entire leaf; they disperse and feed individually when older
  • Larvae have several yellow, black and white stripes in groups of three, an orange-brown head and matching "hump" near the opposite end; grow to 1 ½" long
  • Feeding takes place from late June until fall
  • Adults are a gray moth with white and brown markings and a 1 ½" wingspan
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  • Image: Fall Webworm 1
  • Image: Fall Webworm 2
  • Image: Fall Webworm 3

Gypsy moth
Lymantria dispar

  • Chew leaves and can defoliate trees
  • Mature larvae are 2 inches long; upper side has five pairs of blue dots near front of body followed by six pairs of red dots down the back
  • Damage occurs in June and July
  • Is currently a federally quarantined pest in Minnesota; not established in Minnesota; if found, contact Arrest the Pest: 1-888-545-6684 or
  • More information on Gypsy moth

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