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Basswood/Linden > Leaves > Leaf edges discolored

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  • Image: Deicing salt injury 1
  • Image: Deicing salt injury 2
  • Image: Deicing salt injury 3

Deicing salt injury

  • Soil salt damage causes leaf edges or margins to appear burnt or scorched progressing toward the mid-vein
  • Run-off salt kills roots which results in die-back of most branches
  • Affected trees leaf out later than other non-infected trees
  • Damage most noticeable in spring
  • More information on Deicing salts
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  • Image: Verticillium wilt 1
  • Image: Verticillium wilt 2
  • Image: Verticillium wilt 3

Verticillium wilt
Verticillium dahliae

  • Leaves turn brown from the edges and tips, wilt and die in severe infections
  • Leaves are small and yellowed in chronic infections
  • Leaf symptoms are often seen on only one or a few random branches in the canopy
  • Brown streaks often can be seen in the sapwood if the bark is peeled back, appearing as rings or arcs in a cross cut
  • Symptoms may develop over a single growing season, or over several years
  • More information on Verticillium wilt
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  • Image: Drought stress 1
  • Image: Drought stress 2
  • Image: Drought stress 3

Drought stress

  • Leaves wilt and turn brown at the tips and the margins first, then completely brown
  • Dead branches in the canopy
  • Leaves appear drooped or wilted within canopy
  • The ground beneath the tree is littered with yellow to brown leaves
  • More information on Drought stress

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