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Poplar > Trunk/Branches > Branches misshapen or crooked

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  • Image: Venturia shoot blight 1
  • Image: Venturia shoot blight 2
  • Image: Venturia shoot blight 3

Venturia shoot blight (Scab)
Venturia spp.

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  • Image: Poplar and willow borer 1
  • Image: Poplar and willow borer 2
  • Image: Poplar and willow borer 3

Poplar and willow borer
Cryptorhynchus lapathi

  • Trunks become crooked and misshapened with openings in bark
  • Random sucker growth along deformed
  • Frass pushed out of openings in wood; sap seeps from openings
  • Damage most common on young trees and willow species; quaking aspen are not affected
  • Larvae are C-shaped, cream-colored and approx. ¼ inch long
  • More information on Poplar and willow borer
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  • Image: Poplar-gall saperda 1
  • Image: Poplar-gall saperda 2
  • Image: Poplar-gall saperda 3

Poplar-gall saperda
Saperda inornata

  • Twig bulges or becomes round where longhorned beetle larvae are feeding
  • Branch tips die and/or break over above the gall
  • Fully grown larvae are up to 1" long, creamy-white and legless
  • Common on quaking aspen
  • More information on Poplar-gall saperda

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