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Prunus > Leaves > Irregular growths on leaves

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  • Image: Spindle gall 1
  • Image: Spindle gall 2

Spindle gall
Eriophyes emarginatae

  • Green or red finger-like structures on leaf surface
  • Caused by eriophyid mites which are microscopic
  • First formed in spring shortly after leaves expand
  • More information on Spindle gall
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  • Image: Leaf curl 1
  • Image: Leaf curl 2

Leaf curl
Taphrina wiesneri

  • Leaves have thick puckered to curled spots that are yellow to reddish brown
  • Diseased leaves droop, turn brown and die as the disease progresses
  • Witches brooms, clusters of small twigs arising from a swollen area of the branch, form on some infected trees
  • Common on wild cherry trees

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