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Extension > Garden > Diagnose a problem > What's wrong with my plant? > Deciduous Trees > Willow > Weak young stems on trunk or branches

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Willow > Trunk/Branches > Weak young stems on trunk or branches

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  • Willow witches' broom 1
  • Willow witches' broom 2
  • Willow witches' broom 3

Willow witches' broom
Aster yellows group phytoplasma

  • Witches' brooms, a cluster of numerous small weak shoots arising from one point on a branch, occur randomly throughout the tree
  • Leaves on branches within witches' broom are stunted
  • Twigs within witches' broom often die over winter
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  • Poplar and willow borer 1
  • Poplar and willow borer 2
  • Poplar and willow borer 3

Poplar and willow borer
Cryptorhynchus lapathi

  • Frass pushed out of openings in wood
  • Sap seeps from openings
  • Trunks become crooked and misshapen
  • Random shoots sprout along deformity
  • Damage most common on willow and poplar (except for quaking aspen), particularly young trees 1"- 4" diameter
  • Larvae are C-shaped, cream-colored and approx. ¼ inch long
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