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Pine > Needles > Clumps of webbed needles

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  • Pine false webworm 1
  • Pine false webworm 2
  • Pine false webworm 3

Pine false webworm
Acantholyda erythrocephala

  • Larvae feed from May to early June within loose webs at the base of needles
  • Large amounts of frass and debris accumulate making the web more conspicuous as the season progresses
  • Feed on mugo, red, eastern white, Scots and Austrian pine
  • Green larvae about ½ - 1 inch long
  • More information on Pine false webworm
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  • Jack pine budworm 1
  • Jack pine budworm 2
  • Jack pine budworm 3

Jack pine budworm
Choristoneura pinus

  • Larvae feed from mid May to early July
  • Feed on new growth; feeding sites have cluster of reddish needles webbed together with silk
  • Young larva are yellowish-brown, older larvae are reddish-brown with cream colored spots; they grow to one inch long

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