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Spruce > Needles > Clumped or webbed needles

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  • Image: Spruce needleminer 1
  • Image: Spruce needleminer 2
  • Image: Spruce needleminer 3

Spruce needleminer
Endothenia albolineana

  • Small clusters of brown needles webbed together against branch to form ‘nest’
  • Needles hollow with small hole at base
  • Larva is brown, gray, reddish and as large as 1/4 inch long
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  • Image: Spruce budworm 1
  • Image: Spruce budworm 2
  • Image: Spruce budworm 3

Spruce budworm
Choristoneura fumiferana

  • Branch tips or branches defoliated
  • Needles webbed together in clumps and attached to twig, turning reddish brown by July
  • Buds are mined (chewed into)
  • Larva has black head, light brown to gray brown with small spots, up to 1 inch long
  • More information on Spruce budworm

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