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Spruce > Shoots/branch tips> Wilted shoots

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  • Image: Frost injury 1
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Frost injury

  • New shoots fall over and wilt after a spring frost
  • Older branches remain green and healthy
  • Dead shoots may remain attached all summer, new may shoots grow next to them
  • More information on Frost injury
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  • Image: White pine weevil 1
  • Image: White pine weevil 2
  • Image: White pine weevil 3

White pine weevil
Pissodes strobi

  • Terminal leader dead or dying, curled into a shepherd’s crook
  • Branches in whorls near the top may also wilt and die
  • Repeated attacks can leaves trees looking bushy
  • Drops of pitch can be seen on terminal shoots in spring
  • Larvae are whitish, legless and up to 2/5 inch long
  • Adults are 1/4 inch long, brown body with patches of white and orangish brown scales
  • More information on White pine weevil

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