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Apples > Fruit > Dropped fruit

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  • Image: June drop

June drop

  • It is common for apple trees to naturally drop some of their fruitlets in late June or early July.
  • June drop occurs if the tree formed more fruitlets than it can support to maturity.
  • To prevent june drop, remove a portion of the fruitlets in early June. This also helps the tree produce larger fruit and a crop each year. This is called “fruit thinning.”
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  • Image: Preharvest fruit

Pre-harvest fruit drop

  • Apple trees sometimes drop healthy fruits as they are ripening.
  • Some late-season fruit drop is normal.
  • Some varieties are more susceptible to fruit drop than others.
  • This can be a sign that too much fruit was left on the tree. Fruit thinning may help prevent fruit drop.
  • Dropped fruit should not be eaten.
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