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Blueberry > Leaves > Leaves turn brown and wilt

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  • Image: Iron Chlorosis
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Canker diseases
Fusicoccum putrefaciens and Phomopsis vaccinii

  • In summer, leaves on infected branches, wilt and turn reddish brown
  • Reddish brown, target like cankers can be found on infected branches
  • Cankers are often low on the branch and near a leaf scar
  • Cankers enlarge each year until they girdle and kill the stem
  • Small black bumps can be found around cankers and on dead branches
  • More information on Canker diseases
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  • Image: Dogwood Borer 1
  • Image: Dogwood Borer 2

Mummy Berry
Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi

  • In spring, new leaves turn brown along the veins and wilt
  • Young shoots bend into a shepherd's crook
  • Infected berries appear pinkish tan and feel rubbery
  • Berries eventually become whitish gray, shriveled, and drop off
  • More information on Mummy Berry

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