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Grape > Fruit > Fuzzy growth on fruit

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  • Image: Botrytis 1
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Botrytis cinerea

  • Berries become soft and watery, and may be covered in a fuzzy white-gray mold
  • White grapes will start to turn brown while purple grapes turn reddish in color
  • Berries that have been infected for several days will shrivel and drop to the ground as hard mummies
  • Multiple berries in a cluster can be infected
  • Leaves have large, red-brown patches; a gray mold may or may not be observed on the leaf
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  • Image: Downy Mildew 1
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Downy Mildew
Plasmopara viticola

  • Infected green fruit turn light brown to purple are soft, covered in a downy felt, and easily fall off the cluster
  • Berries are most susceptible when pea-size (early summer) and again when approaching maturity (late summer, early fall)
  • Yellow-green “greasy” lesions develop on upper leaf surface
  • Lower leaf surface develops a dense, white cottony growth under humid conditions
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