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Raspberry > Fruit > Deformed or crumbly berry

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  • Image: Tarnished Plant Bug 1
  • Image: Tarnished Plant Bug 2

Tarnished Plant Bug
Lygus lineolaris

  • Feeding results in a crumbly, seedy berry
  • Adults are oval shaped, approximately ¼ inch long, brownish in color with streaked yellow and black lines (tarnished appearance), and have a white V-shaped marking on back
  • Nymphs may be confused with aphids; however, they move fast when disturbed (aphids do not)
  • Adults are present from April-May, and again in high numbers in late June-July; nymphs present May-July
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  • Image: Virus 1
  • Image: Virus 2
  • Image: Virus 3

Tomato Ringspot Virus and Mosaic Virus

  • Fruits on infected bushes are small and crumbly
  • Light to dark green mottling of leaves
  • Leaves may be deformed, blistered, or misshapen
  • Plants show a progressive stunting of growth and poor yield
  • General decline in the cane vigor and fruit production
  • More information on Tomato Ringspot Virus and Mosaic Virus
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Poor Pollination

  • Berries are small and crumbly

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