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Cabbage > Leaves > Leaf edges brown

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  • Image: Boron Toxicity 1

Boron Toxicity

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  • Image: Calcium Deficiency 1
  • Image: Calcium Deficiency 2

Calcium Deficiency

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  • Image: Black Rot 1
  • Image: Black Rot 2

Black Rot
Xanthomonas campestris

  • Leaves wilt, turn yellow and eventually turn brown and die
  • Yellow V-shaped lesions develop on margin of leaves, the point of the v follows a vein towards the base of the leaf
  • Black veins can be seen in infected leaves, petioles and stems
  • Sticky yellowish liquid bacterial ooze may be seen if infected veins are cut
  • Disease favored by hot, humid conditions
  • More information on Black rot

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