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Eggplant > Leaves > Distorted leaves

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  • Virus 1
  • Virus 2
  • Virus 3

Cucumber mosaic virus and others

  • Leaves are mottled with yellow and light green patches
  • Leaves are misshapen; unusually long and thin like a shoestring or curled and deformed
  • Fruit have yellow blotches or brown rings
  • Plants may be stunted
  • More information on Virus
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  • Two-spotted Spider Mite 1
  • Two-spotted Spider Mite 2
  • Two-spotted Spider Mite 3

Two-spotted Spider Mite
Tetranychus urticae

  • Feeding on the underside of leaves causes a "russet" appearance to the leaves; leaves may become distorted
  • In heavy infestations, webbing can be found on underside of leaves
  • Adult spider mites are very small (approximately 1/50 inch in length), and are yellow to dark crimson, with dark spots
  • In heavy infestations, mites can be seen crawling on eggplant fruit
  • Mites usually appear in late June-August; more prevalent in hot, dry weather
  • More information on Two-spotted Spider Mite
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  • Potato Leafhopper 1
  • Potato Leafhopper 2

Potato Leafhopper
Empoasca fabae

  • Leaves appear wrinkled from leafhopper feeding; may have a yellow tinge to the leaves
  • Adults are yellow green, slender, small (1/8 inch long), and wedge-shaped
  • Potato leafhoppers are present from June-August
  • More information on Potato Leafhopper
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  • Potato Aphid and Green Peach Aphid 1
  • Potato Aphid and Green Peach Aphid 2

Potato Aphid and Green Peach Aphid
Macrosiphum euphorbiae and Myzus persicae

  • Small insects, pear-shaped, usually greenish; clustered on underside of leaves, about 1/10th inch long
  • Feeding by small or moderate numbers of aphids usually does not cause visible symptoms; feeding by larger numbers of aphids can cause curling, stunting, and wilting of leaves
  • Active during spring and summer
  • More information on Potato Aphid and Green Peach Aphid

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