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Eggplant > Seedling > Collapsed seedling

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  • Damping Off 1
  • Damping Off 2
  • Damping Off 3

Damping Off
Fusarium sp., Rhizoctonia sp., and Pythium sp.

  • Seed may rot in soil
  • Seedling wilts, turns dark and rots
  • Stem turns dark at soil line and seedling may tip over at soil line
  • Cobweb-like or cotton-like fungal growth on seedlings or potting mix
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  • Phomopsis Blight 1
  • Phomopsis Blight 2

Phomopsis Blight
Phomopsis vexans

  • Stems develop dark sunken lesions just above the soil line
  • Seedlings may collapse and die
  • Leaves develop circular, gray to brown lesions with a light center
  • Severely infected leaves become torn, yellow, wilt and drop
  • Fruit develops pale, sunken, oval spots
  • Concentric rings of tiny black dots can be seen in fruit infection
  • More information on Phomopsis Blight

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