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Tomato > Fruit > Misshapen or distorted fruit

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  • Image: Catface 1
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  • Affects only fruit
  • Tomatoes tend to be more flat than round
  • Bands of dry beige corky scar tissue on the bottom of the fruit
  • Fruit may be several separate lobes instead of one globe
  • Fruit may contain cavities
  • Common if temperatures are low for several days when plants are young
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  • Image: Blossom End Rot 1
  • Image: Blossom End Rot 2
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Blossom End Rot

  • Affects only fruit
  • The bottom of the tomato turns tan and soft, then black, sunken, and rotten
  • Fruit may look short or stumpy, not fully expanded due to rot
  • Common when water levels vary from irrigation or drought followed by rain
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  • Image: Virus 1
  • Image: Virus 2
  • Image: Virus 3

Cucumber mosaic virus, tomato mosaic virus, tomato
spotted wilt virus
and more

  • Leaves are mottled with yellow and light green patches
  • Leaves are misshapen; unusually long and thin like a shoestring or curled and deformed
  • Fruit have yellow blotches or brown rings
  • Plants are stunted even when neighboring plants look healthy and tall
  • More information on Virus

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