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Taraxacum officinale Weber in Wiggins

  • Image: broadleaf Plantain
  • Image: broadleaf Plantain
  • Image: broadleaf Plantain

Found in:

  • Lawns, landscape beds, woodland edges, and disturbed soils in sunny locations
  • Easily invades thin lawns and other areas of bare soil


  • Perennial that maintains basal rosette form throughout year
  • Leaves are deeply lobed with lobes pointing toward plant base
  • Leaves are usually without hairs, but hairs may occur along midvein of leaf underside
  • Bright yellow flowers primarily in spring and fall
  • Flower stems are hollow
  • Fleshy tap root, may be branched
  • All parts exude a white milky sap (latex) when broken


  • Each flower produces hundreds of seeds that are dispersed by the wind

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