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Tomato > Insects under 1"

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  • Image: Picnic Beetles 1
  • Image: Picnic Beetles 2

Picnic Beetles

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  • Image: Aphids 1
  • Image: Aphids 2


  • Active during spring and summer
  • Feeding by small or moderate numbers of aphids usually does not cause visible symptoms; feeding by larger numbers of aphids can cause curling, stunting, and wilting of leaves
  • 1/10th inch long
  • Small insects, pear-shaped, usually greenish; clustered on leaves
  • More on aphids
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  • Image: Whiteflies 1


  • Usually noticed during mid to late summer
  • Numbers are usually not sufficient to cause damage to plants
  • Adults are very small, white and moth-like
  • 1/16th inch long
  • More on whiteflies
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  • Lady bug with larvae

Lady Beetle Larvae and Adults

  • Present spring and summer
  • Beneficial insects, feeding on aphids and other soft-bodied insects
  • Larvae are usually black or blue with orange, spines may be present
  • Larvae are up to 1/2 inch long
  • Adults are typically reddish-orange to pink with black spots
  • More information on Lady Beetles

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