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Common Chickweed

Stellaria media (L.) Vill

  • Image: broadleaf Plantain
  • Image: broadleaf Plantain
  • Image: broadleaf Plantain

Found in:

  • Lawns and landscape beds, especially shaded, moist areas


  • Low growing annual that forms a dense mat; can reach up to 40” across
  • Stems are branched and mostly smooth (without hairs)
  • Leaves are broadly elliptic to egg-shaped and pointed at the tip, arise in pairs (opposite one another) along stem
  • Small, white flowers have 5 deeply divided petals appearing like 10 separate flower petals
  • Shallow, fibrous root system


  • Tolerates low mowing height
  • Can outcompete grass attempting to survive in moist, shaded areas

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