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Creeping Bellflower

Campanula rapunculoides L.

  • Image: broadleaf Plantain
  • Image: broadleaf Plantain
  • Image: broadleaf Plantain

Found in:

  • Lawns and landscape beds


  • Perennial plant that grows in sun or shade and prefers moist sites
  • Heart shaped lower (basal) leaves; leaves on flower stalk are more narrow
  • Multiple flowering stems grow to a height of 2-3 feet
  • Nodding, bell-shaped, blue-lavender flowers arise mostly along one side of flower stalk
  • Flowers occur along the entire length of the flower stalk
  • Blooms July to Oct.
  • Extensive root system with large, tuber-like storage roots; roots will regrow from root pieces


  • Tolerates mowing although will not flower in mowed lawn situations
  • Minnesota Invasive Weed that spreads aggressively via seeds and roots
  • Resistant to the herbicide 2,4-D

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